ACE 17.3 Primemesh AG red color appreciation

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Time can be really fast, blink of an eye 2016 will soon become a past style. This year, Adidas can not be idle, its main control of the ACE series can be described as infinite scenery, by virtue of the ACE 16 + PureControl main lace without a gimmick, became the best competitor of the year's best shoes. Although the 2016 has not completely overturned, but Adidas has been unable to wait through this wave of red alert series of the wind to the new generation of ACE series pushed to the spotlight.
In fact, in accordance with established practice, we should first introduce you to the top or super-top models, but helpless courier not to force, let ACE 17.3 AG catch a head, simply simply this time the ACE series of head to it.


We first subjectively may think that the gap is relatively large static part of the forum to wear super-top shoes ououer a few, but this does not represent all, after all, most people's shoes is limited budget, so ACE 17.3 this level for most of the consumers is certainly a more ground choice. ACE 17 series of the first color to catch up with the red alert, this color selection Adidas Predator falcon football shoes classic red elements, playing the preconceived emotional card. But then back, this color is indeed very resistant to see. ACE 17.3 is also equipped with the heat in the next to help the fabric collar, so the actual experience is still close to the top shoes, also have some guidance.

Then it comes to ACE 17.3 Primemesh AG, must talk about is the upper material problem, which is the focus of everyone's attention.
According to the official description of Adidas, the upper is the use of a known as the Primemesh mesh material, from the figure can also be seen as the upper reaches of the current market mainstream knitted shoes. But we do not think it is strictly in the sense of knitting materials, if this definition is Primeknit, Flykint and evoKNIT these as a standard words.

But Primemesh is still the most to provide a very strong sense of parcel, but the upper in the package, flexibility, scalability and other aspects of the performance even with high-level differences, which is inevitable. Because it is AG version, so easy to wear parts in the toe we still see a circle of frosted coating, and we can see this toe quite tall, the space is quite enough. Near the inside of the heel is the red synthetic material uppers, printed above the ACE series of signs. The outer side of the three-bar shoes are also attached to the protruding friction of small particles, the control in the end, but also in line with ACE control flow positioning. Tongue and shoe collar are all very good fabric fabric, but Adidas this tongue design in the shoelace system or there is a gap, did not completely avoid foreign body into the shoe warehouse. This is between the high and low help in the middle of the shoe collar is made of a very good elastic fabric, the foot of the high comfort, and wear off is also very convenient, not like Nike's dynamic shoes collar as trouble. But the attendant problem is that it may not be as high as the shoe collar and ankle close fit, between the shoe collar and ankle or a gap, which gives rubber particles can take advantage of the machine. Followed by a built-in protective cup, the middle of a red cloth, constitute the top with Adidas Logo ring, mainly to wear off time and consider.


In fact, as early as Adidas vigorously promote FG / AG spikes, there are rumors that Adidas to cancel the pure AG, but because of resistance to domestic protesters protest, so Adidas has been retained pure old, this Also won a lot of people feel good, after all, is the eight of the AG than the main AG-PRO much more adaptable Nike. From the shape of the spike can be seen, Adidas to the original triangular spike into a conical spike, and each spike are interrelated between, not only that, but also to see the spike base are significantly thicker A circle to enhance the overall service life of the spikes. And compared with the old Nike AG-R, Adidas AG has been using solid spikes, although the expense of a certain weight, but in a lot of high wear resistance.