Adidas Copa 17.1 Crowning Glory

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In the latest Adidas special edition shoes release, Adidas Copa 17.1 brought us an elegant platinum appearance, but this color and before the Nike for Ronaldinho launched the platinum legend signature specifically hit the face, It is a bit embarrassing!


The picture shows us Adidas Copa 17.1 Crowning Glory Special Edition soccer shoes. The overall color on the use of the recent Adidas flagship Stellar Pack series, the overall size of the main white shoes, followed by adding some gold decoration. Shoes outsole with a golden and white gradient design, this and before the launch of Nike's exclusive signature for Ronaldinho how similar!


Technically speaking, the platinum color of the Adidas Copa 17.1 Crowning Glory special edition soccer shoes, the main touch area is still using the delicate kangaroo skin, the second half of the body for the synthetic material, the new Copa 17.1 football shoes, the other main features include A foldable tongue and a high comfort insole.


Outsole, Copa 17.1 and before the Copa SL and Adidas ACE series similar to the outsole. This large base has a typical combination of 11 conical spikes and a central reinforced beam design in order to enhance the ability to resist torsion in the center of the outsole.