New Rleased Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Soccer Cleats

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In the first half of this year, in the subversion of football shoes, "Revolutionary Road" on some obsessed adidas launched a vamp material for the Hybrid Touch artificial fiber Copa SL. Although the limited edition to enhance product positioning, but to give up the kangaroo leather upper Copa is neither fish nor fowl, whether it is the market or word of mouth, the reaction is very general. After learning the lessons learned adidas this choice to respect the Copa Mundial tradition, launched under the "Red Limit" package of the new Adidas Copa 17.1 FG.


As one of the iconic football shoes in the modern football game, adidas Copa Mundial is the eternal classic of the fans with its classic kangaroo leather upper, folding tongue and blackheads. No gorgeous technical packaging, only between people and the ball is pure and pure, kangaroo leather upper feel superior, stable and reliable performance. But with the growing popularity of ultra-light football shoes, slightly clumsy Copa both in terms of the weight of the shoes and soles of the flexibility are at a disadvantage, adidas this time launched a new Copa 17.1 FG, is also expected to pass on the basis of classic The introduction of new technology, so that the most recognizable classic boots battles for fifty years.


The taste seems to be the original taste, but the recipe is slightly different. Adidas Copa 17.1 FG inherited the Copa Mundial wearing comfort, still using high-grade kangaroo skin as the main material, after handling the kangaroo skin feel high quality, for the feet to provide glove-like fit, so that players in the fierce game In the top of the comfort experience, dedicated to the game, no worries. In the shoes lightweight, adidas provides a complete set of solutions. In order to pay tribute to the classic, Copa 17.1 still retains the design of the big tongue, but no longer use the folding tongue, the new center fabric tongue with streamlined design, naturally wrapped around the instep, even for high-foot people, The same can be comfortable to wear feelings. Classic double-density polyurethane outsole is replaced by Sprint Frame outsole, the original built-in heel with the protective cover is also external, followed by part of the previous generation adidas ACE 16.1 configuration is exactly the same.