PUMA evoTOUCH PRO FG A comprehensive analysis

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What is the most eye-catching material of football shoes? I think non-kangaroo skin and gimmick full of knitted fabrics are none other than. The two heavyweight "big brother", respectively, on behalf of the two football shoes, have their own loyal fans and audiences. PUMA Soccer Cleats recently released a new evoTOUCH soccer shoes, which is the classic kangaroo skin advantage, supplemented by hot knitted fabrics, for those who have been seeking light, creative boots people to provide a lighter, more rapid solution.


Chelsea midfielder Fabregas and gunmen player Cazorla has taken the lead in the warm-up match before the season foot shoes. With excellent performance and superior comfort Puma evoTOUCH early captured the hearts of the players. Perhaps you are very curious about what kind of a wonderful feeling, do not worry, the following we together to learn more about the annual PUMA's masterpiece it!


The new Puma evoTOUCH PRO FG is the biggest concern is the design change. The traditional low to help the old shoes by the current hot high-gang design to replace the change so that evoTOUCH from the visual look more eye-catching, the atmosphere, in line with their identity flagship shoes for the majority of fans to provide fans A wider choice.

PUMA in the design evoTOUCH when using the "touch from the inside out," the idea, rather than simply to shoes and football contact for the moment to consider.


Over the past few years the prevalence of ultra-light material, but still can not replace the natural leather in the hearts of people's position. The upper use of fine kangaroo skin is a real good thing, in order to prevent the natural leather to become the burden of shoes, PUMA selected thickness of only 0.9mm ultra-thin leather, as is the maximum to close the upper and The distance of football. And this one-piece simple design also to maximize the elimination of the upper trail on the impact of touch, and strengthen the integration of shoes.
In addition, there is no advantage of the wagon is also to prevent the rain and dirt along the seam into the shoe warehouse, to eliminate the cortex of water and the aging, stiff and other hidden dangers.


In order to reinforce only 0.9mm thick kangaroo leather upper strength, we see the leather inside the use of leather lined, from the texture to create a very upscale feeling. In the shoe design, evoTOUCH abandoned the previous PUMA slim toe style, using a rounded full design language. Shoes, the forefoot of the widest point of 91.5 mm, the integration of the knitted tongue has a very good flexibility with kangaroo leather upper ductility and small wide feet can also control. Although PUMA evoKNIT knitted material to be later than other brands, but it is a good collection of the director, the launch of the best knitted fabric, making the overall comfort and package shoes are superior grade products. The material thickness is moderate, elastic enough to ensure that the upper fit, under the premise of the foot will not seem too bound, greatly reducing the new shoes and feet running time.

Through this angle we can clearly see the one-piece evoKNIT knitted material to create this like a built-in socks like the same design, and according to the different functional areas in the tongue parts are also intimate to join the mesh breathable cooling holes. So the configuration to create a comfortable and wrapped really very praise Shoes are equipped with a convenient front and rear adjustment of the pull ring, for the wearer can be anytime, anywhere to adjust their shoes to the most comfortable position. This high to help the collar also the maximum fit the shape of the ankle, elastic opening has a very good flexibility, because there is no other brands as the use of high shoes collar, so make Puma evoTOUCH wear off the performance of the exceptionally easy, Greatly enhance the ease of use. Followed by lined with suede artificial material, attached to a large number of arrow-like GripTex friction bar, so heel feet and heel slippery no longer become a kicker headache distraction. Classic conical bottom, shape is very beautiful. The stability and flexibility brought about by this outsole is the biggest bright spot. Forefoot maximum spike length of about 1.08cm.


And Puma before the top of the same shoes, Puma evoTOUCH PRO outsole out of the SPEEDTRACK anti-twist design. We all know that the current level of PUMA has been able to do football shoes in high-intensity game to ensure stability, but through the middle of the Stability support bar or make it better, is that this leisurely. Followed by the highest spike length of about 1.5cm. From the measured data point of view FG version of the end of the end is suitable for natural grass or a great top of the grass. In our directional thinking shoes do not deserve the insoles are not allowed. But the PUMA is advocated by the barefoot out of the insole to try, the purpose is to restore the maximum degree of foot feeling. So the insoles are actually taken out in the sponge bag.


As the representative of the brand of light football shoes in recent years, PUMA in other shoes have given a very good answer, and as PUMA flagship shoes Puma evoTOUCH performance can not be too bad, a single weight of 222 grams. (JP270) may take this record alone look a little humble, but with kangaroo skin and the main touch feeling two concepts, the weight has been considered at the same level of very good results.