Updated Version Adidas Ace17 + Purecontrol Soccer Shoes

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Black Adidas soccer shoes from last year began to become a trend of popular green field, many manufacturers have launched a black-based color boots. For the shoes players, the simple black boots have been unable to meet their needs. Therefore, how to play on the black upper pattern has become a new problem manufacturers need to face. After entering in 2017, Adidas launched a "Chequered Black" (checkered) of the football shoe suit, the elegant black and gray grid placed on the upper, for their own cool full of black war Boots add a bit elegant temperament. This issue of "new appreciation" to bring you this set of Ace17 + Purecontrol football shoes, look at this pair of checkered body flagship section of the control of the boots can capture your heart.



New Year, Adidas introduced the use of checkered elements Ace17 + Purecontrol "Chequered Black" football shoes. Low-key, elegant black check for this pair of control-type boots to add noble temperament. FG / AG outsole to adapt to a variety of site requirements, the end of the window design to enhance the boots grade. Primeknit knitted vamps bring natural fit wear. Uppers join the glitter design, shining in the light shining. Silver victory three stripes and TPU support frame integration, with black upper visual effect better. No lace design to bring unprecedented parcel feel, shoes to add non-slip pattern wear more convenient. Followed by "Purecontrol" means more pure control .Sprintframe lightweight outsole so that this pair of palm-controlled boots more light. Introducing BOOST cushioning technology to bring excellent cushioning experience. In the end BOOST add groove design lock the insole, reduce the sliding. Outsole with conical spikes, both grip and flexibility. Forefoot to join the starting nail, so that every step is more explosive. The three soles of the arch are designed to enhance the torsion performance. Two pairs of insoles to bring different cushioning experience, "Master Control" words that the master of the ball and students. BOOST cushioning technology insoles let you feel stronger every step Q bombs. Check the way, only the king of the court can have.